Friday, August 6, 2010

Custom Made Products

Do I need a custom fabricated brace? Pro is the only neoprene support company we are aware of that still manufactures products here in the USA. Because we still have manufacturing capabilities we can custom fabricate products to fit those people who can’t wear the off-the-shelf sizes products or for those people who need special accommodations such as patella stabilizers or special strapping etc. Knee and elbow supports are the most commonly ordered custom fabricated products followed by back support. Measuring for a custom fabricated product is relatively easy. Regardless of whether it is a knee of elbow the leg or arm should be straight and relaxed. First measure the circumference at the center of the joint. From the center go down 3” and measure the circumference. From the center of the joint then go down 6” and measure the circumference. From the center of the joint repeat the measurement process going up 3” & 6”. With these 5 measurements you are prepared to order your product. Typically it will be necessary to order a custom sleeve if your knee circumference is over 20” or your calf or thigh is larger than normal. It is best to check with customer service to verify your requirements. There is a custom charge of $25.00 plus the cost of the product. Delivery is charged at the prevailing rate.

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