Monday, August 2, 2010

The PRO 110, An American Classic

Some designs are classic and appeal to both the senses and fuel function. Whether it is a classic car, airplane, art or furniture it seems to satisfy a need over the years. We find this is true of the Pro 110 Knee Sleeve and the Pro 110A Altered Knee Sleeve. This is the first neoprene knee sleeve introduced by Pro and over 40 years later it is still the most popular product Pro makes and sells. The original and current 110 Knee Sleeve is constructed from 3mm thick 100% neoprene rubber. The outside fabric cover is a nylon tricot fabric laminated to the rubber. The inside surface is a smooth neoprene skin. By placing the neoprene skin next to the body the sleeve is able to create more heat, preferred by athletes. Over the years you may have noticed this “skin” surface changes. The original neoprene sleeves were made using Rubatex G231 neoprene. Rubatex was the only U.S. manufacturer of neoprene and unfortunately has been out of business for more than 10 years. Since then all neoprene has come from outside the United States. We have worked with a number of manufacturers to come up with a skin surface that is as durable and wearer friendly as the old G231 material. Over the years Pro has been questioned concerning the large oval pad on the front of the sleeve. It doesn’t really absorb much impact being only 3mm thick so why not save some more money and eliminate it. Most knee complaints center around the knee cap or the Patella tendon, all of which are covered by this pad. The thicker the neoprene the better insulation is provided so more heat is concentrated in this area. This perceived heat is actually an increase in circulation. In the case of minor swelling or tendonitis this increase in circulation provides soothing relief. By putting a hole through the pad and sleeve (110A Altered Knee Sleeve) the knee cap can rise slightly and is stabilized somewhat in position again. Providing relief especially in cases of chondromalacia. Check in tomorrow for more updates from Pro.

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