Tuesday, August 31, 2010


610 Ankle brace – Buy 2 for $25.00!!

The PRO 610 Arizona Ankle Brace is the next evolutionary step in ankle brace technology featuring the figure-eight strap. Designed to fit either the right or left foot, the Arizona Ankle Brace is constructed of heavy duty nylon for a low-profile, durable and lightweight brace. Two figure-eight lift straps encircle the foot providing lateral and medial support. Hook-and-look fasteners allow quick and easy adjustment even with a shoe on. A neoprene tongue provides a comfortable pad under the laces, eliminating instep irritation. Sold singly, please visit our website at www.proorthopedic.com for size charts.
This special lasts until September 15th, 2010.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekly Featured Equine Product

PRO H55 Gold Standard Over Reach
The latest advances in synthetic fiber technology are showcased in the outer gold covering of the H55. The inner lining features a highly shock-absorbent foam with a gel no-turn knob that prevents spinning while adding protection. The triple hook and loop closure system keeps the boots in place. Machine washable. Available in small, medium, large and extra large. Gold color only. Please visit our website at http://www.proorthopedic.com/ for size chart and measuring instructions.

Weekly Featured PRO Product

PRO 109A Altered Value-Pro Knee Sleeve

Answering today’s healthcare needs, PRO introduces the Value-Pro Knee Sleeve with the Patella opening for better patella control. Constructed of 1/8” thick neoprene with a nylon laminate on each side for durability, this sleeve features and anatomically conforming design. A full 10” in length, the Value-PRO Knee Sleeve gives you the quality you expect from PRO at a price that fits your budgetary requirements. This knee sleeve is made of the N2 material only which means that there is nylon on both the inside and outside of the knee sleeve. This knee sleeve is available in black only. Please visit our website at http://www.proorthopedic.com/ for measuring instructions and size chart.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

30% Discount on overstock items!

Due to an ordering error by one of our colleges we are currently offering a special 30% discount off regular price for our Royal Blue or Black N2 material PRO 100 Deluxe Knee Sleeves. The exclusive PRO design, unique enough to receive a patent (#4,474,573) makes this one of the most comfortable sleeves yet developed. Geometrically opposed seams provide a bent-knee configuration while eliminating bothersome popliteal irritation. The 1/4" N2 material is softer on the skin and easier to apply than our standard N1 material. The comfortable controlled tension fit of the sleeve makes it ideal for all day wear. Stock is limited so place your orders today at http://www.proorthopedic.com/!

Sale items available only in Black or Royal Blue.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Custom Made Products

Do I need a custom fabricated brace? Pro is the only neoprene support company we are aware of that still manufactures products here in the USA. Because we still have manufacturing capabilities we can custom fabricate products to fit those people who can’t wear the off-the-shelf sizes products or for those people who need special accommodations such as patella stabilizers or special strapping etc. Knee and elbow supports are the most commonly ordered custom fabricated products followed by back support. Measuring for a custom fabricated product is relatively easy. Regardless of whether it is a knee of elbow the leg or arm should be straight and relaxed. First measure the circumference at the center of the joint. From the center go down 3” and measure the circumference. From the center of the joint then go down 6” and measure the circumference. From the center of the joint repeat the measurement process going up 3” & 6”. With these 5 measurements you are prepared to order your product. Typically it will be necessary to order a custom sleeve if your knee circumference is over 20” or your calf or thigh is larger than normal. It is best to check with customer service to verify your requirements. There is a custom charge of $25.00 plus the cost of the product. Delivery is charged at the prevailing rate.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pull on? or Wrap Around?

Do I want a pull on or wrap around model? That is a question we often get a PRO, and it’s not just from an “older” customer. This is question usually involves a hinged knee brace or a patella brace. Both of these products are a little harder to get on and more difficult to get off once you have gotten a “little sweaty” wearing them. PRO sees both offensive and defensive linemen in football, oversized or plus sized people as well as the “older” person who is less flexible ordering the wrap around style supports. Taking off a pull-on brace after several hours of use requires you to get it down to your ankle before it easily pulls over your foot, not always an easy task. With a wrap around design you can sit on the edge of a chair with your leg straight and heel on the floor. Placing the brace behind your knee you can easily pull the top or bottom pieces around over legs and fasten with the hook and loop fastening system. Fasten the other end; re-adjust if necessary and you are ready to go. As you can imagine, taking the braces off is a piece of cake. Pro has one patella brace and 4 different hinges braces all in a wrap around design. The wrap around design products can also be custom fabricated to fit a specific size make them ideal for the plus sized user. A wrap around design can also be applied to several of the standard design products. Check with a customer service representative to see if the brace you are interested in can be modified to a wrap around design.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Keeping it clean!

Between August and October PRO will typically get a call or two a week from someone who has developed a “rash” from wearing a sleeve. It usually involves a high school athlete who will wear a sleeve several hours for practice then take it off and throw it in his/her locker. It isn’t washed or even rinsed off after use so it sits sweaty in the bottom of the locker until the next practice. After a number of weeks the rash appears. DUH! Here is something easy to remember – Neoprene was designed to be used to make divers wet suits. The material is made to stand up to repeated dunkings – its water proof! For the high school or recreational athlete probably the easiest way to wash the sleeves is to take it in the shower with you. You can wash it with your body soap making sure you clean both the inside and outside of the sleeve. Be sure to rinse all of the soap out of the sleeve. Then squeeze it to get as much water out of it as possibly; then hang to dry. If you live where it is very humid be sure that air can circulate around it. Neoprene is a closed cell rubber so it won’t absorb moisture but the nylon covering will as will the felt horseshoe if your brace is equipped. You can also machine wash your sleeve. Be sure you use cold water and gentle cycle. Always hang the sleeve to dry. If you do start to develop a rash stop using the sleeve immediately. An over-the-counter topical cream usually works best. If the rash is widespread or worsens it is best to consult a physician. Once the rash is completely cleared you can use a sleeve again. In our experience it is best to throw out the old sleeve and get a new one making sure it is rinsed and washed after each use to remove dirt and body salts from the surface.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The PRO 110, An American Classic

Some designs are classic and appeal to both the senses and fuel function. Whether it is a classic car, airplane, art or furniture it seems to satisfy a need over the years. We find this is true of the Pro 110 Knee Sleeve and the Pro 110A Altered Knee Sleeve. This is the first neoprene knee sleeve introduced by Pro and over 40 years later it is still the most popular product Pro makes and sells. The original and current 110 Knee Sleeve is constructed from 3mm thick 100% neoprene rubber. The outside fabric cover is a nylon tricot fabric laminated to the rubber. The inside surface is a smooth neoprene skin. By placing the neoprene skin next to the body the sleeve is able to create more heat, preferred by athletes. Over the years you may have noticed this “skin” surface changes. The original neoprene sleeves were made using Rubatex G231 neoprene. Rubatex was the only U.S. manufacturer of neoprene and unfortunately has been out of business for more than 10 years. Since then all neoprene has come from outside the United States. We have worked with a number of manufacturers to come up with a skin surface that is as durable and wearer friendly as the old G231 material. Over the years Pro has been questioned concerning the large oval pad on the front of the sleeve. It doesn’t really absorb much impact being only 3mm thick so why not save some more money and eliminate it. Most knee complaints center around the knee cap or the Patella tendon, all of which are covered by this pad. The thicker the neoprene the better insulation is provided so more heat is concentrated in this area. This perceived heat is actually an increase in circulation. In the case of minor swelling or tendonitis this increase in circulation provides soothing relief. By putting a hole through the pad and sleeve (110A Altered Knee Sleeve) the knee cap can rise slightly and is stabilized somewhat in position again. Providing relief especially in cases of chondromalacia. Check in tomorrow for more updates from Pro.