Friday, February 17, 2012

Featured Equine Product of the Week!

PRO H62 100% Mohair Roper Cinches

100% Mohair Cinch han woven using 100% mohair cord between stainless steel flat dee buckles. Whip stich design and covered center-bar with stainless dees provide extra strength and protection. Roper model has a 7" center width. Available in sizes 28" through 36" in 2" increments. Available on our website:

Featured PRO Product of the Week!

PRO 850 Thinline Trunks

The favorite with professional athletes for years has been redesigned to give better compression and heat retention. The legs have been extended 4" to provide complete coverage of quadriceps and hamstring area. The original high waist has been maintained for low back support. Provides beneficial heat retention during weight training and conditioning programs for low back muscles, hamstrings, goin, hips, quadriceps & waist. The 850 trunks are constructed of the thinner 1/16" neoprene for slightly less heat retention while maintaining uniform elastic compression. Both are available in black N2 material only. Please visit our website at for the size chart and measuring instructions.