Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pull on? or Wrap Around?

Do I want a pull on or wrap around model? That is a question we often get a PRO, and it’s not just from an “older” customer. This is question usually involves a hinged knee brace or a patella brace. Both of these products are a little harder to get on and more difficult to get off once you have gotten a “little sweaty” wearing them. PRO sees both offensive and defensive linemen in football, oversized or plus sized people as well as the “older” person who is less flexible ordering the wrap around style supports. Taking off a pull-on brace after several hours of use requires you to get it down to your ankle before it easily pulls over your foot, not always an easy task. With a wrap around design you can sit on the edge of a chair with your leg straight and heel on the floor. Placing the brace behind your knee you can easily pull the top or bottom pieces around over legs and fasten with the hook and loop fastening system. Fasten the other end; re-adjust if necessary and you are ready to go. As you can imagine, taking the braces off is a piece of cake. Pro has one patella brace and 4 different hinges braces all in a wrap around design. The wrap around design products can also be custom fabricated to fit a specific size make them ideal for the plus sized user. A wrap around design can also be applied to several of the standard design products. Check with a customer service representative to see if the brace you are interested in can be modified to a wrap around design.

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