Friday, July 30, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

The dog days of summer mean one thing here at PRO – Football is ready to start! We are busy packing and shipping orders, first for the NFL teams, followed quickly by the colleges and universities, then the high schools. These orders have our Production staff humming at full capacity. Despite the Progressive build up in inventory it is always a challenge to meet the needs of each and every customer promptly with no back orders. If PRO has learned anything over the past 40 years it is to plan for the unexpected. One year the hot item in demand may be thigh sleeves, the next year knee sleeves and a third year it may be elbow sleeves. PRO makes every effort possible to keep enough raw materials on hand and leave enough production capacity available for the usual emergency rush orders are made without a PRO Logo which, by league rules, must be covered up since we did not pay the NFL licensing fee. In addition, PRO does a fare amount of custom fabrication of products to fit special needs and requirements of certain players; every one of these products is individually hand cut, sewn and assembled. To the casual observer out production may look like a Chinese fire drill but actually it is a well orchestrated event resembling mass confusion as the NFL starts this week we have already turned our attention to the collegiate orders since they will start in the next two weeks. PRO does more colors for the collegiate orders with some schools opting to match the dominant color in their uniforms. PRO also sees this trend with some of the high schools as well. We hope you have enjoyed this first “PRO Blog.” PRO wants to keep you up-to-date on what is happening here, what Products are in development and how these Products are being used to help. Check us often for updates here on our website, the PRO Facebook page and on Twitter.