Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Featured Equine Product of the Week!

PRO H65 Neoprene Straight Cinches

The unique design of the PRO neoprene cinches feature a two piece 100% orthopedic grade body. The side contacting the horse is a smooth skin neoprene which promotes natural lubrication and reduces the chances of galling, chaffing, or pulled hair. The outer layer of neoprene is covered with the same heavy duty UBL material PRO uses on the sports medicine supports. This adds durability by resisting tearing from brush, trees, and spurring. Heavy duty nylon webbing is sewn in layers to provide maximum strength. All hardware is stainless steel from reliability. A thermoforming shaper is sandwiched in the center of the cinch to prevent rolling. Easily washed in mild detergent. Available in black only in sizes 28” through 36” in 2” increments.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Featured Equine Product of the Week!

PRO H78F-1 1” Natural Felt Pad

For the rider who takes a more traditional approach to padding their horse, PRO introduces the H78 Natural Felt Saddle Pad. Constructed of a 100% wool blend and available in a 1” thickness, the Natural is a durable, high quality saddle pad that you would expect from PRO. Cut in two pieces and contoured to fit your horse, you will find there is no break-in or shaping required with this pad. Only real leather is used and all stress points are reinforced. With a little basic, periodic care this felt pad will last you through many years. Please visit our website at http://www.proorthopedic.com/ for size charts and measuring instructions.

Featured PRO Product of the Week!

PRO 180W Wrap-Around Patella Knee Brace

Count on PRO to design a wraparound support that gives the compression and support of a traditional pull-on sleeve. The unique three pull adjustment system (U.S. Patent # 5,865,777) allows the user to independently adjust the fit at the thigh, knee and calf. The center tab enables the wearer to regulate pressure in the popliteal area no matter if they are sitting, standing or running. The moveable patella buttress attaches by means of hook and loop fasteners providing additional support to the patella if desired. Lateral and medial spiral stays provide additional support. Ideal for Chondromalacia, Patella Instabilities, Arthritis, Post Injury and Arthroscopic Rehabilitation. Available in black N2 material only. Standard size fits knee circumference of 12” to 18” and extra large fits 18” to 24”. Please visit our website at www.proorthopedic.com for size charts and measuring instructions.

Clint Haverty promoting PRO!!!

Clint Haverty is one of the Trainers we sponsor with our Equine Products. He broke his ankle, but he still is promoting PRO!!! Here is the picture of him with his broken ankle but also wearing his PRO sweatshirt.

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Changing the View of the Quarter Horse in Ireland: The Day World Champion, Reining Legend Tom Foran Came to Town

Tom Foran is one of the sponsors in our Equine Line of products. Here is an article having to do with him. Read and enjoy!

Photo courtesy of Derek O'Byrne White, (left to right) Derek O’Byrne White, Tom Foan, Severine Luchinger, and Jessica Seinkamp

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