Friday, January 14, 2011

Featured Equine Product of the Week!

PRO H10 Equine Performance Support

The H10 Support (US Patent #5,871,458) combines the most advanced materials in sports medicine with a patented design to create the ultimate, multi-use support system. The PRO commitment to bring you the best support on the market is apparent in the attention to detail and materials used in this, and ever, PRO product. The Performance Support is constructed of orthopedic grade neoprene for better fit and support. The breathable, shock absorbing foam liner keeps the support cooler than other boots while absorbing more than three times as much shock as the competitor. This foam liner is detachable, allowing the use of accessory liners, increasing the utility of the support. The low profile support strap pulls evenly in a bio-mechanically correct fashion allowing the user to adjust the angle and amount of tension to match their horse. All hook and loop surfaces are match for maximum cycle life and durability. The exclusive V tabs make application easy with no tangled straps. Both the support body and the liner are machine washable. Available in small, medium, large, and extra large in a variety of colors. Please visit our website at for size charts and measuring instructions.

Featured PRO Product of the Week!

PRO 130A Altered Diamond Back Knee Support Sleeve

U.S. Patent # 4,474,573 (Open Patella) Same patented features as the 130 Diamondback Knee Sleeve but with a patella opening. Geometrically opposed seams provide a bent-knee configuration while eliminating bothersome popliteal irritation. The comfortable controlled tension fit of the sleeve makes it ideal for all-day wear. Please visit our website at for size charts and measuring instructions.