Thursday, October 9, 2014

Check out our latest item: PRO 779 Padded Wrist Support!

PRO 779- Padded Wrist Support

Our innovative wrist support provides protection from bad hops on the infield as well as hits by pitches on the wrist! The body is constructed of 1/8" of 100% neoprene with a pocket to accommodate the insert comprised of 1/4" of slow rebound foam. The foam disperses the force from an impact and incorporates with the 1/8" perforated rigid foam to provide durability and support. The pad is removable and can be worn so the protective pad is positioned where you need it!

Three sizes available, measure wrist circumference.

5"-6"= Youth (779Y)*  6 1/4"-7"=Standard (779)*  7 1/4"-8"= XLarge (779-4)

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  1. Good Article!!! I would love to get into some heavier lifting but anything past about 10lbs hurts my wrists. Even pushups with make my wrists swell up and hurt for days. I take some acrobatics so I am on my wrists a lot and always have to be careful. How can I get into lifting and heavy bodybuilding with such bad wrists? One of my friend suggest me to use bodybuilding wrist wraps, what do you think it will work for me??? Waiting for your reply!!!