Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Featured Equine Product of the Week!

PRO H83 Premium Show Pad

PRO received many requests for a more “traditional” looking saddle pad or a pad that didn’t require a show blanket for the arena. For you, PRO developed the new H83 Premium Performance Pad. Starting with a top quality Myatex blanket, PRO placed a large wool felt pad down each side of the spine to cover the area where the saddle bars contact the horse. Sandwiched in between the blanket and the wool felt is a layer of high density EVA foam for superior shock absorption. The result is a pad with excellent fit and shock absorbing characteristics that will work equally as well in the show arena or roping arena. Currently available in 4 patterns of black, tan, brown, and cream. Padded areas are 1/2" felt and 1/4" foam for a total of 3/4" thickness; finished size 34” long by 36” wide.

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